Would you like to be baptized?

Baptism is an external expression of the reality that you have chosen to follow Jesus. Through the act of being immersed under water and being brought back up, you are identifying with the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.

Every baptism that we see happen in the New Testament is what we would call a Believer’s Baptism. A Believer’s Baptism is when the one being baptized is able to express themselves a belief in Christ.

At Parkcrest, we make baptism available during any of our weekend services or at any other time you’d like. We also have a yearly Parkcrest at The Beach the end of summer where many people choose to be baptized alongside anywhere from 50-150 others.

Let us know below that you’d like to get baptized so that we can help you take that important step of following Jesus. Someone will contact you.


1. Is my child old enough to be baptized?

There is no prescriptive answer for this. Every child is different and is in different levels of readiness to respond. What is important, however, is that it is your child’s choice to be baptized and not your choice for them. They need to understand the commitment that they’re making as best as they can for their age, being able to articulate faith in Christ for themselves.

2. What if I was baptized as an infant?

If you were baptized as an infant, that was an important decision by your parents to dedicate you as a child. While that was a significant commitment that your parents made, it was their commitment and not yours. When you make the decision yourself to be baptized because of your personal faith in Christ, it is actually honoring the commitment that your parents made when you were an infant being fulfilled.

3. Who can baptize me?

One of the great experiences of baptism at Parkcrest is that anyone who is already a baptized believer in Jesus can baptize you. We encourage you to have someone who has been significant to you in your spiritual journey to baptize you.

Do you have more question? CLICK HERE to access an booklet on, Understanding the Purpose and Significance of Baptism,written by Pastor Mike.


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