What are we raising money for?

We are raising money to create a campus that is more intuitive, inviting, and appealing. Additionally, a large portion (up to 25%) of the money will be set aside to plant another church when God presents the opportunity.

How will the money be spent?

The goal was to raise $1 million: $750K for our campus and $250K for the next church plant. The split will be 90%-campus/10%-plant until we reach the $750K needed for our campus. Every dollar we get above the $750K for our campus (until $1 million) will be allocated for the next church plant. If we raise more than $1 million, the additional money will be allocated for the next phase of our campus project.

How much has been committed?


What will we be doing on our campus?

The money raised will address the first of several phases designed to update our campus. Phase one will be focused on creating a better experience coming onto our campus, creating a more natural connection between our properties, and helping guests find their way easier.  In addition we have used a portion of the money to address the roofing needs throughout the campus.

Where are we looking to plant our next church?

We are in significant conversations with a local group that may lead to another building. Like the previous campuses (7th Street and Lakewood) and the mortuary property, we anticipate that God will lead us to this step as we get closer.

How long will construction take?

Construction started in mid-August 2016 and we estimate that the project will take in the neighborhood of four months.

Are there plans for addressing other areas that have deferred maintenance?

Definitely. We have two great pieces of property that have been used for ministry for many years. As with any building (and parking lot), time takes a toll. Our buildings/parking lots are no different. The designers have proposed suggestions for future upgrades to our facility.

How will the church be kept informed of the changes, timelines, projects, etc., as they are happening?

We have communicated regularly through updates via email and letters to campaign participants. Significant updates have been mentioned publicly on Sunday mornings and through electronic communication (e-News and Facebook).

Since the patio area is being expanded, will that decrease our parking spots?

The architects will insure that we continue to have the maximum number of parking spots. The patio area will largely be in the area currently occupied by the big canopy, which is not used for parking currently. And, of course, the designers are sensitive to the need for disabled parking.

How will parking be handled during construction?

There is no parking on Parkcrest Street. The back lot can be accessed by driving down Parkcrest Street and turning right to the back lot. To exit you will go to the far east end of the Worship Center and go through the gate and drive through the neighborhood.

Parking will also be available in the Student Center lot. It is strongly suggested that during construction on Sunday mornings that you park at the medical building, just south of our campus.

Please note that disabled parking has temporarily been moved to the back lot.

There will be signs and additional parking attendants available on Sunday mornings. Please follow the red flags directing you where to walk.

Thank you for being flexible as we revitalize our campus.

Do you have another question?

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please feel free to send an email and someone will respond to you.

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