We are raising $1 million over three years to create a campus environment that is intuitive, inviting, and appealing and to continue being a catalyst for church planting in our community.


The design for our campus improvements was submitted to the city in late February. We expect to have them back with minor corrections soon. Additionally, the builder is receiving bids for the various components of the project. All of the above points toward an anticipated start of construction to late April/early May. The actual improvement of our facilities is fast becoming a reality! Your continued faithful support of these efforts is tremendously appreciated!


Here For Good

Here For Good – Designer Mel McGowen

Here For Good – Parkcrest Church Planting

Revitalize Our Campus

We will reimagine our location to be more appealing, inviting, and intuitive as well as take care of deferred maintenance.

We will begin the first phase of making our campus more appealing, inviting, and intuitive by:

  • Redoing our patio space into a better flowing, better looking, and more usable space that is appealing
  • Beginning the process of making our long driveway/front parking lot feel more like a main street making our campus more inviting and connected
  • Redoing a portion of the street front and entry experience as a better first impression and a more natural and usable gathering point
  • Creating more uniformed directional signage to help our campus navigation be more intuitive

The most significant deferred maintenance issue is to take care of our roofing.

Plant the Next Church

We will launch the Lakewood Campus as an independent church and be a catalyst for the next church God would have us plant.

Church planting has proved itself as an effective way to multiply ourselves for God’s kingdom work. New churches are more evangelistically effective and also bring new energy and ideas towards working for the good of the city. Through planting of churches, we multiply our effectiveness in being here for the good of others.

Parkcrest has been a catalyst for planting new churches. Most recently, through PlantLB, since 2011, we have seen 11 new churches started in the Greater Long Beach area. We have also launched 7th Street Church as a new, independent church and in February 2016, we will launch the Lakewood Campus as a new, independent church.

While we do not yet know the specifics of the next church plant, we do believe that God would have us continue moving forward in being a catalyst for planting new churches. Our strategy of utilizing an off-site campus that transitions into a healthy, independent church has shown itself to be successful and is how we will move forward with the next one as well. Based on previous experience, start-up costs for us to plant the next church will be $250,000.

Inspire Lasting Generosity

We are a generous church and see this campaign as an opportunity to spur ourselves toward the next level of generosity.

This is not just about raising money for our campus and church planting, but it can be a catalyst that spurs us on towards the spiritual discipline of being more generous with what we have.

We are seeking to raise $1 million over the next three years. We will do this through both one-time gifts and on-going monthly commitments for the next three years.

If 200 families or individuals give an additional $2,000 per year for the next three years, we will exceed our goal. Some will be able to give more and some less, based on abilities and God’s stirring. It will take all of us together to make this happen.

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